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Romo semono/ continuing last story

One day,young man ,age 14 years(has been supposed and threated as a mature man in that era ), and ordered by nyi kasan ( mother kasan ),take oil, in the little room/ privat room of mother kasan. Really that,in this private room has been slept in dept the girl sister brother of nyi kasan/ mother kasan. In the night slept, the blouse of girl has been open and saw the thigh is open. The young man Semono, saw that case”erect the hirsuite ‘ (erect of skin hair ). Semono afterword to restropection,still in dept to know and ask to what has erected the skin hair? Self inner asking …repetition the inner self continuoing can not get the aswerred.

So afterword Semono take the conclusion that he want to get permit to get meditation in long time.

In the age 14, Semono meditated in the offshore of south sea, in cilacap.the ex – place for meditation is still exist until now,also until this book has been written. That are two of the bundle of bamboo tree.in the pertamina complec area., although has been treated to destroy and to move away but can not remove the two bundle of bamboo tree.

Semono take meditation for 3 years(1914 – 1917).the yield is got “ cangkok wijoyo kusumo”,perform like dry flower, brown back colour.if take in the water,will develop like as big as the place.

Semono Spoilled, because not such goods that he want. He got some inspiration/ enlighment in order that he must continue his meditation until the years twins 5. In the eastern part he will get what he want to look for?

The shirt has been worn by Semono for 3 years was destroyed, until as a ruin of destroyed shirt so can not wear it and then only wear the under wear from leaf any tree. So semono go home in the night, in the day morning until afternoon hidden, in night go on.afraid and ashame to meet the people.

Get home there is no celebration of the success from meditation but even more get challenge to continued of meditation by prepaired the hole by father Kasan dikromo for Semono.so Semono has been entered in the hole for 40 days and 40 night. Only has been given little apparatus for breath, and after finished to cook the rice, Mother kasan sniff the blowing warm air from rice to the apparatus breath of semono.

Afterward, as a marsose( mariner), going around, still to do the spiritual deed. When in the day ondutty, but in the night entered in the sea,to look for the fish. Never got fish, but to do until the year of 1955.

In the November 13 night to 14 ,1955, accidentally case in day javanesse calendar, senen pahing ,at 18.05 0~clock, there are many people in perak, Surabaya.was surprised,to look the home of Semono letnan 0ne KKO( now lieutenant one Marinir), was born.but after be close to,the fact that not fire, but the light. Even more there is a golden carriage( kreto kencono) on the air, down to the home of lieutenant Semono). In jalan( street) perak barat no: 93, Surabaya( east java).

That case very popular has been known as Mijilnya( the coming of ) Romo Heru Cokro Semono.

The declaration of Romo Semono after Mijil : ingsun Mijil, Arso nyungsang bawono balik, Arso nggelar jagad anyar”( ingsun: not I am but I the INNER SELF ),the coming of INNER SELF want to Recicle the world/old micro cosmos to the new Micro cosmos…

Its mean that until now , we always to make slave our life, but we as a human we will to serve of life.

In that day. Romo Herucokro Semono giving to all who wanted to. Not oppressed or frightening with anything, who want to live happy, so can get” the the true perfection of life”(kasampurnan jati)/Moksa ,after dead.

What kind of his giving, can get in the next term from this book.

Romo herucokro Semono,the next giving this way of spiritual for perfectness of life after on duty. Going around 1960, he finished the duty as a Marinir captain.

He go home to Purworeja and stay in kalinongko and sejiwan, loano, purworeja.(have two home). Everyday,he receipt the guest more than 500 people.

All people, when in the eating time,eating together , stay for night freely no charge. And free to get room for sleep in his home.

There are many kind of people come to Semono, from getting medication from the illness that docter said its imposible to live but spontaneously get curing better. And normal. Also wnt to be blessing something of…and so on.but there are many people only want to be the children ( Putro Romo semono/ Children of Romo Semono).

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