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History of kapribaden( Romo M.Semono hadidjojo )

Picture of father M.Semono sastro hadidjojo(Romo M.Semono Hadidjojo )

1900 – 1981
Before 1900,the true wife (padmi),had been exiled or to be given to the some one who supposed to honorary to the king.
Because of the insisted from the second wife (selir)that`s so beloved,that is a custom in that era. The majesty wife the name is dewi nawang wulan. Has gone with her maid (emban) the name is rantam sari.
Dewi Nawang wulan has ben exiled and given to Ki kasandikromo, Often said Ki Kasan Kesambi,as a spiritual leader in that era.live in kalinonggko village. Gunung damar,Loano distric, purworeja regency, central java.
When Dewi Nawang wulan be exiled , Dewi nawang wulan being pregnant and get born a baby the name Semono. But his mother, Dewi Nawang wulan died.not a long time become followed by her maiden , Rantam Sari. Both all be buried on the top small mountain Gunung Damar, Purworeja.
Ki Kasan dikromo , won`t supposed or threat as a real wife but is still to be his quen.also his wife ,nyi Kasan Dikromo threat so.

Semono stayed and grew up with Ki Kasan dikromo. in school,HIS..holand inlander school..second grade ( only for inlander untill fifth grade).Semono born in 1900 at the jumat( friday )pahing ( javanesse 5 circle days). there is no exact date and month.that is custom in that era.

Semono,when in school, in the selasa(tuesday)kliwon or jumat( friday )kliwon absent. not because lazy boy or naughty but becaus e of ashame to thefriend.
because when the sun in the midle in the position of no shadow in the 12 o`clock but Semono have 12 shadows , so he will as a attention by their friends. so very ashame and better to take absent.

graduated from HIS to be helper teacher/assistent.

be continued.

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